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City Centre Defibrillator Project
Locations Jan 2020
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AEDs Cork City Centre

City Centre Defibrillator Project
Locations Oct 2018

AEDs Cork City Centre

Cork City AED's - Cork Lions Club are hoping to build a map showing all 24hour publicly accessable AED's in the city

Cork City AEDs

Locations Sept 2018
Cork AED Locations Mar 2018

Thanks to Comyn Kelleher Tobin for their donation of an AED & Cabinet at their premises on 2 Georges Quay

AED cork   AED cork

AED cork

City Centre Defibrillator Project
we're delighted to say that our 8th location is now up and running at Luigi Malones on Emmett Place

AED Cork City Centre  Cork AED

Thanks to Nigel O'Sullivan and Christians Boys College
for their assistance in getting an AED installed at the Savoy on Patrick Street and Leisureplex on MacCurtain Street

AED Patrick Street AED MacCurtain Street

AED # 3 has been installed on Savoy wall on Patrick Street
Savoy AED
AED # 2 has been installed on Gallaghers wall on MacCurtin Street

Cork City Centre Defib Project

Cork Lions City Centre Defibrillator Project
Our Defib on Oliver Plunkett Street was vandalised and is now thankfully back in action. Thanks to everyone for their messages of support.


AED Vandalism - thanks to everyone for their support!

Defib Damage  Defib Damage  Defib Damage  Defib Damage

City Centre Defibrillator Project

AED Cork City

Cork Lions Club are Delighted to announce the installation of the first AED at Penneys on Oliver Plunkett Street

2016 Defib Cork Lions Club

L to R Martin Walley Cork Lions Club, Sergeant John O'Connor, Community Policing, Paul McGuirk, Cork City Council, Brian Daly, President Cork Lions Club, John McCarthy, Manager Penneys, Der Cogan, Cork Lions Club,
Fred Lotty, Cork First Responders, Pat  O'Brien, Cork Lions Club

Handover 2016   Handover 2016   Handover 2016

Thanks to everyone who has supported our fundraising to date. Special thanks to John McCarthy of Penneys for his help in allowing the erection of our first AED cabinet. We look forward to positioning many more in the future.

Cork Lions City Centre Defibrillator Project.

Why: Research has shown that having early access to a Defibrillator (AED) with CPR more than doubles the survival rate of persons suffering sudden cardiac arrest. Every minute waiting for the intervention via an AED reduces the survival rate by 10%. Currently there are no publicly accessible AEDs in the Cork city centre on a 24-hour basis

What: To provide the public in Cork City Centre with quick access to AEDs on a 24 x 7 basis.

            To provide website and Facebook pages so that the AEDs can be easily located.

            To service AEDs and replenish pads/material as required.

How: Locating 12 AEDs throughout the city centre so that they are accessible in less than 2 minutes on all main pedestrian routes and less than 4 minutes on all other streets.


Who: Cork Lions are fundraising to allow the purchase of AEDs with cabinets.

We are asking businesses in the Cork area to participate by doing one/all of the following -

1                    Allow an AED to be located on the external of their premises.

2                    Donate / Provide funding for an AED + Cabinet.

3                    Have their workforce trained on the use of AEDs and CPR.

4                    Help fund ongoing costs of consumable replacement or AED servicing.

When: Timeline – July 2016  - 1 AED; Dec 2016 - 3 AEDs; July 2017  - 8 AEDs; July 2018  - 12 AEDs

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City Centre Defibrillator Leaflet


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